Precious Planet


Available in the UK from October 10th 2024 and in the US from October 8th 2024.

Precious Planet showcases a vibrant mix of wildlife, championing and raising awareness of endangered and vulnerable species from around the world. 

Featuring big beasts like the much-loved snow leopard to tiny pollinators like the rusty patched bumblebee. Discover adorable characters like the axolotl and the pangolin, creatures of the deep such as the northern right whale and the harlequin shrimp and beautiful birds like the night parrot and the Cebu flowerpecker. You’ll also discover a few remarkable ‘Lazarus species’, those once thought to have gone extinct only to have been re-discovered in the world. Whether you enjoy multicoloured mayhem or hanker after harmonious hues, raise your colours and celebrate the amazing wildlife of our very precious planet.

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